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Education Summary
Graduated from Central Missouri State University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science majoring in Computer Information Systems with a Grade Point Average of above 3.0
IBM Certified Solutions Specialist DB2 UDB V6.1/7.2, Austin TX.

Career Summary
In 1996, I joined DOT Inc. in Gardner Kansas as Junior IT specialist. At Dot, I was responsible for supporting the company's shipping and tracking systems. I also took the lead in the development and installation of waste and production tracking system mostly supported by common desktop applications like MS Access and Excel as well as high scale software products like SQL Server 7.0. As the company advanced in technology, I was also engaged in personnel training as well as interfacing with software vendors

After 2 years in DOT, 1998, I joined Distributor (DC). At that time, distributor central was developing a 100% database driven site builder. DC's product was targeting distributors and suppliers in the promotional products industry. In this project, I was responsible for administering large scale databases and providing support to the database users along with ensuring high availability and fast transaction execution.

From Distributor Central, I took my career further and took a Software Consultant position with my first assignment in Kansas City and Dallas Fort worth at the Burlington Northern and SantaFe Railways (BNSF) - one of the country's largest Rail Road companies. One of the major projects during this assignment was the conversion of applications running on Legacy Open System to a more recent architecture, client server computing. I also delivered real-time reporting solutions for tracking rail defects utilizing e.Reports from Actuate Corporation. My major responsibilities included administration and maintenance of large Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) including IBM's DB2 UDB v7.x and Microsoft's SQL Server 2000/7.0.

After my assignment at BNSF I moved on as the senior Database Administrator (DBA) in the development and support of Direct and Guaranteed Loan Systems for a major department of the Federal Government. Was responsible for the design, implementation, support, and documentation of database configuration management processes, training the DBA team, evaluating and recommending software and hardware solutions, and providing technical support to project members who include application programmers. Routine responsibilities included database optimization, backup/ recovery, programming, creation of database access objects and routines, replication, and data modeling using such tools as Erwin and Power Designer

In may 2004 I took on a 1 year contract with Hudson Global Resorces with an assignment at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Illinois, and New Mexico. At Blue Cross, I was a senior Database Administrator (DBA) and Developer in the development and support of Business Acquisition, Automated Medical Underwriting, and Producer Rate Finder projects. . Major responsibilities include database design, impact analysis, configuration management, providing guidance and recommendations to development leads and developers, and working with other teams to facilitate integration and communication between systems. Additional responsibilities include database optimization, backup/recovery, programming, data migration and transformation, creation of database access objects, and data modeling.

Currently I am a Lead Database Analyst and Administrator at one of the major institutes of the Omni group in the USA.

Other Projects
Involved in the design and development of Browsersoft's JAVA based eQ!TM Technology. The eQ!TM Foundation provides a flexible, "architect friendly" development environment that significantly reduces resource, timeline and maintenance requirements by allowing applications to be primarily "configured" rather than written from scratch. This Foundation is an incredibly smart, flexible, efficient and cost effective solution for designing, developing and maintaining robust Java based systems. Visit for more on this project.

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